LoW-code software for marketplace operators

Migrate your marketplace into the multi-homing realm

Want to start your own Etsy, Airbnb or virtual trade show? Fairdeck is the low-code tool to help fulfil your vision.


Your domain, your CI thanks to individualised stylesheets


One login for your vendors to sell on multiple platforms


Add more customer groups than just sellers and buyers.


Our CTO's personal goal: Fairdeck marketplaces are fast... very fast


Fully interconnectable through integrated API calls


The Fairdeck team is quick at converting demands to results

What makes us different?

With Fairdeck, we have taken away the seller's hassle of multi-homing on various platforms by creating a single PIM (Product Information Management) tool.

Sellers no longer need to login to the individual platform they're represented on... they can now control their products and stock from a single back-end.

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